# Using Artillery

Kargo provides an Artillery (opens new window) docker image that can be used to perform load testing of your platform.

# Running Artillery

$docker run -e -ti kalisio/artillery:1.6.0 bash

You can also run Artillery from the manage node if you need to bench some services that are not exposed.

$docker run --network=kargo -v /home/ubuntu/kargo/workspaces/my_workspace/benchmark:/benchmark -e -ti kalisio/artillery:1.6.0 bash

# Example: benchmarking the API

Kargo comes with some files that allow you to perform a load test of the API.

To run the tests, you must define the following environment variables:

  • SUBDOMAIN: the Kargo subdomain like test.kalisio.xyz
  • API_GATEWAY_JWT: the JWT access token for the API gateway

The benchmark is available in two different environments:

  • public: when Kargo does not use any API gateway and exposes all web mapping services publicly
  • api: when Kargo exposes all web mapping services behind the Express-Gateway (opens new window) API gateway

Select the right environment then run the command:

$artillery run -e api --config ./config.yml ./scenarios.yml`


To debug, set the DEBUG=http* environment variable.