# Helper scripts

# clear-cache

# Description

Clears the cache of a given layer

usage: clear-cache <layer>

# Example

$./kargo exec clear-cache osm-bright

# seed-cache

# Description

Seeds the cache of a given layer

usage: seed-cache <options...>

Where options specified the options (opens new window) of the seeder (opens new window) tool provided by MapCache.

# Example

  • Seed osm-bright from levels 0 to 7 over the world using 2 threads
$./kargo exec seed-cache "-t osm-bright -z 0,7 -n 2"  
  • Seed osm-bright from levels 8 to 12 over France using 6 threads
$./kargo exec seed-cache "-t osm-bright -z 8,12 -e -625000,5020000,1250000,6880000 -n 6" 

# make-tile-index

# Description

Generates a tile index from all the files located on an object storage path.

usage: make-tile-index <path> <output_prefix>

Where path is an object storage path (similar to rclone's path) to scan for files and output_prefix is a prefix used to name the resulting tile index file. The tile index is generated locally, in a temporary folder the tool will create. When the script successfully complete, it will print the full filename to the tile index.

# Example

$./kargo exec make-tile-index scw:ign_data/bdortho bdortho_index