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Publish with KDK

The same process applies when releasing a patch, minor or major version of the KDK and third-party Kalisio modules, i.e. the following tasks are done automatically on release:

  1. increase the package version number in the package.json file (frontend and backend API)
  2. publish the module on the NPM registry
  3. create a tag accordingly in the git repository and push it


Kalisio maintained modules are published under the @kalisio namespace in NPM, e.g. kdk NPM package is named @kalisio/kdk, but you are free to use another one for your own modules.


This requires you to have a NPM and GitHub account and be a team member of the namespace organization, if you'd like to become a maintainer of Kalisio maintained modules please tell us.

Depending on the release type the following command will do the job (where type is either patch, minor, major):

npm run release:type
npm run release:type


Before you publish a module take care of updating the version of your dependent modules to the latest version published, for example perform yarn upgrade xxx for a module depending on the xxx module before publishing it

Web app

Almost the same process applies as for the modules except the app is not published on the NPM registry but in the Docker Hub. However, the process is less automated to ensure more flexibility so that the build artefacts of the different flavors can be managed independently.

Please follow our application template publishing guide.